Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lest We Forget

Some of the adventures of family travels/vacations don't make it on facebook. There are things we would just like to gloss over. Those hungry, tired, cranky moments we all had this week which were a little distortion of the "perfect" vacation image in my mind. . . humbling, good reminders that we're in the thick of it and life is messy and we all need grace.

A few of my not-so-favorite moments:

  • G screaming in the public restroom. He's scared by the automatic flush and would NOT allow me to put him on the seat.
  • Three of our boys in trouble for climbing on the trees in Williamsburg. And one for climbing on a wall. And of course we picked things we shouldn't and sat on things we shouldn't...
  • Two of our boys bounced on a fence in Williamsburg... and it broke. (Humble apologies were well handled, though.)
  • Children told NOT to get their clothes wet in Yorktown... were wet from head to toe.

A few of my favorite moments:

  • Kids in awe watching glass blowers at Jamestown
  • Big boys carrying tired little brothers
  • Watching our brown summer kids totally loving swimming in the James River
  • G, so happy about riding on the Jamestown/Surrey ferry. "More boat? More boat?"
  • 5 biggest kids hauling water out of the well and carrying buckets of water in the Williamsburg garden. Over and over. They loved it!
  • O talking to one of the blacksmiths at Williamsburg for a good long while, enjoying the conversation and watching him work on wood.
  • Kids enjoying (free!) mini-golf and tennis at our facility.
  • Every evening meal with our dear, dear FL friends. So sweet to have those good connection times with them.
  • Seeing boys' eyes light up at musket and cannon demonstrations; easy to see what gets them excited!
  • R answering lots of questions (correctly!) about history with our tour guide. This boy knows quite a bit about battles and historical facts. All that reading he does...
  • Kids racing hoops down the street in Williamsburg
  • Petting the horses in Williamsburg; the little ones especially loved this. "A neigh?" G would ask. "More neigh?"
  • Picnic lunches outside; such beautiful weather! Every day was gorgeous.
  • Mom conversations and life talk with my very good, longtime FL friend. My heart was encouraged, challenged, inspired!

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