Monday, September 8, 2014

Holding Steady

Steady on!

The baby is getting two new top teeth and hasn't been sleeping well. These have been tiring and frustrating nights. For days, I wondered if I had just completely failed to train him to sleep! On top of that, he's had a runny nose and a little cough (that sounds insignificant after the weeks of whooping cough), plus a burn that he likes to show off, and today, a bloody lip.

G is also into everything. It seems that every few minutes we're shouting out, "Somebody get G!" or "He's got a pencil!" or "He's got scissors!" or "He's on the counter!" It's a busy stage for sure. He's also so endearing with his new words, kisses and hugs, and snuggliness.

O is immersed in his most challenging school year yet- thanks to our new co-op and the changing rigor of seventh/eight grade. He seems to like it, though, and is managing quite well even as he continues to mow lawns and work other odd jobs for neighbors to earn money.

O, R, L, and T are playing flag football this fall and just started practices. They are all very excited. L is on the same team as her bigger brothers, which I'm thankful for... but it is kind of strange to see our 4th grade daughter playing football with eighth grade boys!

L and T continue piano lessons, and I'm still so thankful for the gift of music in our home!

The Lawyer is still teaching classes online, (in addition to his regular job) which means lots of computer work at home after he's been at work all day. We see the Lord's provision in this work; it allows us to make the ends meet each month and has been just in time for some bigger needs that came up. Still, it takes a lot of time and is the sacrifice of a hard working man.

We're still learning this new church we've been attending, and have tried to plug into its happenings as much as possible. I feel I'm trying to remember people's names, forge relationships, manage our own family, and get my hands around grace a little bit more. It's a good season, but still a bit uncomfortable as I feel new and uncertain of myself and vulnerable.

Co-op has officially met once. I thoroughly enjoyed my Astronomy class and students (even though we were interrupted several times by M, who happened to get soap up his nose that day). It's nice to put so much time and effort into something (sadly, more than I usually do here at home), and to be just as much the student as my kids are. I've never taken Astronomy, and I am so humbled and amazed as I study God's handiwork. There are some incredible videos and sites out there! (I've entered the Pinterest world, too.)

We've had some more health challenges and one really big health scare within the last few weeks. This has caused us some deep thinking, good questioning, and much thankfulness. We're all perishing, day by day; it's a blessing to realize it and give thanks for THIS and NOW.

Dear friends of ours have experienced loss lately and we grieve and sorrow with them and walk through the sadness and difficulty of miscarriage, cancer, and unexpected diagnoses. It's hard to know what to say and how to encourage. So glad that God's word is Wisdom.

We've enjoyed the pool on the last hot September days and now enjoy the cooler breeze. As the seasons change again, we recognize that the Lord has appointed the times and seasons and gives us what we need in each. For that, too, we give thanks.

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