Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Week's New Adventure

We are starting a school/church co-op this week. Yikes! This is the first cooperative effort we've been part of since our (one!) CC year in Lynchburg, when O was only 5, R was 3, and L was a baby in the nursery. It's hard for me to get my mind around this; all these years in between (8) when we were having new babies, adjusting as children grew, and trying to keep our heads above water. It made sense to stay home. Then, we added CBS back in these past 2 years and the children LOVED it (it was good for all of us). Now, we are adjusting again (no new baby, though), and will be part of our church's Loaves and Fishes co-op. Tomorrow is our orientation.

Not only that, but we're trying to ramp up for our fall schedule from the light school we've been doing through the summer, and in the midst of this planning/cleaning out/organizing/purging/selling/buying/praying/scheduling . . . G is telling me he needs to go potty. (Of course!) And even though the whooping cough isn't waking him at night anymore, he's still waking for some reason and therefore naps and night sleeping have been disjointed for both of us (ever and anon).

Then, there are beautiful days like today, when I just HAVE to take the kids to the pool again. We're so happy to soak up the sun, play outside, and enjoy each other. I'm a happy mama when we fill the baby pool and play a rowdy game of "Red Light, Green Light." It's also fun to watch the four biggest flipping and diving off the diving board. M has really made progress this summer, from being scared in the water to swimming and jumping, floating and flipping. Hard to let go of these summer days, with bike rides, and outings, popsicles for no reason, and so many happy farm memories.

Here's to learning new things, taking new adventures, challenging one another, being exposed in our weaknesses, and growing in grace!

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