Monday, August 25, 2014


 A very happy birthday celebration at our house on Aug. 22nd for the most cheerful, happy-hearted boy.

Tate turned SEVEN and we gave thanks for his life and the seven sweet years we have had with him.

He is a great big brother. He seems to be able to make G laugh the hardest and easiest. He has really started to pal around with M, too, and always has great ideas for things they can play. (He learned that from years of being L's sidekick! They also enjoy drawing together.) His biggest brothers have found, however, that T can also keep up with them pretty well, too, from jumping on the trampoline, to riding bikes, swimming, and playing flag football and having nerf battles. He's a super fast runner. At age six, he was faster than 2 of his older siblings during football evaluations - though he didn't boast about it (he told The Lawyer in confidence, "I could have run faster").

T joined the bigger kids in taking piano lessons this past year and did a great job at his first recital. This summer he had swimming and horseback riding lessons and really enjoyed helping out on the farm.

T has an infectious laugh (all the kids will tell you!), and is quick to look on the bright side. What a delight to have around! He is also chief cheese-shredder and is a good sous chef in the kitchen. This fall he is taking on new responsibilities (like taking out the garbage and cleaning out the fireplace), and is excited to learn a lot in SECOND GRADE. He is becoming an avid reader (like his older siblings) and knows a lot about cars, planes, sharks, and other animals.

This boy amazes and blesses us every day. He is growing into a man of character and kindness. He makes us so happy!

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