Tuesday, August 5, 2014

G is Thankful

Had the funniest, sweetest moment with this boy today.

He's 20 months old, just starting his language explosion, and still using some standard baby signs to communicate. He doesn't nurse often anymore, but every once in awhile during the day (or night!) he will sweetly sign that he wants to nurse. It makes me smile when he is so insistent, and I'll ask, "What? You want to nurse?" and he smiles and wiggles happily all over. I love that the closeness and comfort of his mama makes him so happy.

This morning, I indulged G and we nursed in the chair in the quiet of our master bedroom. At one point, he pulled back and looked up at me... and then kissed me! He signed "thank you!" and then slid down from my lap and went off to the next thing. It surprised me; such a wonderful gift of gratitude from this little boy that I am so very thankful for.

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