Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Current State of Health

It seems that the Lord must surely be trying to teach us something. This past week we have been trying to help G (20 mo) through whooping cough. We're pretty sure it went through L (9) and M (4) as well. It's really taking a toll on G, however, with coughing spells waking him every hour or so through the night, at which time we comfort and hold him and then he goes back to sleep.

Then, on Saturday, R (10) woke up with a red rash on his face. It continued to worsen throughout the day and we were really concerned by Sunday. The doctor we saw yesterday is still mystified by this; even though it seems to be disappearing, it seems to be taking quite awhile.

Today, in our first 5 minutes at the pool, M banged his chin into the concrete. We aren't thinking he needs stitches, but it's a sizeable and deep gash.

So, we've been busy mending people and slathering oils on them and mixing drinks for them (homeopathics!). We've been home for a week now. There is much on my to-do list, but there is only so much one can do with these kinds of accidents and sicknesses going on!

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