Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Three Weeks of Thankfuls!

Whew! We left home in VA three weeks ago and headed to IL for some time on the farm and time with family. It's been SO full and gone SO quickly that there is no way I could even list or describe what this time has been for us. Tonight is the FIRST night I've been "alone" in all that time. Only the kids and I are in the house and I'm feeling so thankful.

For the past three weeks, so thankful for:
  • Time with family. Time to talk. To play. To eat together. To see and touch and learn family.
  • Time with old friends. It amazes me still how years can pass but some relationships are just so precious that they pick right up.
  • Had an amazing time celebrating sweet ladies who were flower girls in our wedding. That night I also saw one of my favorite college professors; so sweet to talk with him and his wife.
  • Wonderful friends who pray for me and uphold me when they know I'm challenged. Just a quick phone call is incredibly uplifting. To know they have my back means so much.
  • Sunshine! Lovely, beautiful days.
  • Coolness! This is the first really warm week. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous.
  • Greens and blues and variations of greens and blues. Watching the corn rippling under the wind with all the shades of green shimmering is still stunning to me. The sky here seems so big and so blue and the clouds so prominent.
  • Generous sister-in-law and brother who opened their home EVERY NIGHT for my boys to sleep there. The boys loved this new independence and also their time with the little cousins.
  • Food! Food from Grandpa's garden, from neighbor's gardens, from the neighbors with chickens, from the dairy up the road, from the beef raised right here. Food prepared with love for many.
  • The fun and wonder of FOURTEEN of us coming to visit. Surprising delight to have 14 go to the zoo, to have 14 go to a patriotic concert (in matching shirts, of course), to have our 12 passenger van filled to capacity.
  • Swimming lessons with cousins. Fun to learn together, to support each other and celebrate each other. Fun to listen to books on tape together and sing in the van and play outside while we wait.
  • Family celebrations. It was such a joy to be present for my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary. So glad we didn't miss out on that special day.
  • Special experiences: feeding cows carrots, exploring caves and waterfalls, visiting the Creation Museum, taking swimming, art, and golf, and horseback riding lessons (not everyone!)...
Tonight, I'm thankful for:
  • Refreshment of a cool shower, clean sheets, and ice water.
  • Good music (love Rend Collective and All Sons and Daughters right now) for my spirit.
  • Quiet! Everyone went right to sleep.
  • Healing. T's ear ache seems to have been taken care of (thankful for healing oils!) M's burned toes (from the motorcycle) seem to be doing well, too (oils again).
  • Delicious frittata with fresh veggies and kids devouring hidden zucchini.
  • Sugar free night! No temptations to consume desserts when there aren't others here eating them. Also why I'm not staying up WAY too late tonight.
  • Good books recommended by friends. Some even loaned and given by friends. Happy that I can still learn!
  • Old letters. My sister, unlike me, is a saver. I admit that it's  sweet to read my old letters to her.
  • Facetime. What would I do without seeing my Lover's face for a month?!

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