Sunday, June 15, 2014

For My Husband

Today I give extra thanks for you.

I am thankful that you have given of yourself to father these six beautiful children of ours.

I'm thankful for your hard, stressful, unpleasant work that you do to provide for us and to be faithful to the position which the Lord has put you in. I admire your loyalty and the fact that you always give everyone your very best.

I am thankful for all the mornings that you get up and get ready and go to work . . . and then work all day. . . and then come home and give us your time and energy and attention. I'm thankful that you invest in our children by reading the Word to them, by teaching them and instructing them. I'm so thankful that you laugh and turn the music up loud and enjoy the silliness of boys.

I am thankful for the quiet moments at night when you are next to me in the darkness and I know you are near and I know you will be faithful to me and give our family the very best you can.

And I am proud of you. And nothing you will ever do will change my choice to love you. Out of all the world, I love you. You have given me grace and mercy, just as the Father has lavished grace and mercy on us. I will give you grace and mercy, and the best of my years and the best of these days.

For you I am so grateful.

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