Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just Since We've Been Here. . .

T: scraped knees (on night of family pictures)
T: earache (cured with oils)
T: skinned hand (fell on the road off the bike)
M: 4 burned toes on motorcycle exhaust
Cousins have a Wheelbarrow Race to Celebrate Emmy's B-day
M: scraped knee on way into the pool
M: huge thorn in the bottom of his foot
M: deep cough (sharing with his cousin!)
L: large tick removed
L: sunburned back
L: broken toenail down to the bed
O: cut finger on the lawn mower
G: cut two new molars
G: scraped knee (fell by the pool)
R: sprained ankle

BUT... no broken bones (yet) and not too much blood and everything seems to be healing up. Isn't it amazing that we heal up?!

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