Monday, July 28, 2014

The Gift of a Mother

Whew! We are HOME again after being gone a good six weeks. So much we are looking forward to, so many reasons we are glad to be back, and yet so may good memories and so much we will miss about our time in IL with family and friends.

An old photo of Mom with G 2012
First, I must say that I miss my mom! It was incredibly awesome to have time in her home. She and I really hit our stride after the first few weeks and there is nothing like having TWO moms in a house to get things done!!

Tonight, I give thanks to God for the wonderful summer gifts He has given, that I've seen through my mother:

I appreciated every time I left a dirty kitchen to change a diaper and lay a baby down and came back to - voila!- a clean kitchen!

I am thankful for each load of laundry I started- and then found folded and waiting to be put away.

I'm thankful for each meal I came home to after spending an entire morning watching swimming lessons and keeping a 20 month old busy outside. How amazing to have food ready on the table!

How sweet it was to have my mom helping my children with their math. Teaching math is one of her skills, and it was wonderful for her grandchildren to benefit from that.

My mom is generous and enjoys giving gifts. I'm so thankful for the gifts she gave us while we were there- Lx farm shirts and new clothes, food and ice cream treats among other things.

Mom also loves to travel and find cool things to do. I'm thankful that she wanted to take on Hocking Hills State Park with me, as well as the Madison Zoo. It's fun to do things with her.

Words mean so much to me. I'm thankful for my mother's kind words this week. She said now that we're gone she realizes that having us all there wasn't so bad after all! (lol!)

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