Monday, April 21, 2014

Small Things (#3)

Here is another way to effectively memorize and practice Scripture: make little booklets (we've used moleskins and also small notebooks) with verses pasted inside. You can print out entire chapters or books of Bible verses through scripturecardmaker. Then, cut and paste a verse or two onto each page. These booklets are small enough to fit in a pocket or bag as you are working to memorize a passage.

Then, we put the booklet into the van. Whenever we leave home to go anywhere, I pull out a booklet and we refresh our memory by going over a book or chapter we've memorized previously. When we get stuck, I can quickly check to see what we're forgetting.

It's over a mile drive to leave our neighborhood and takes at least 10 minutes to get anywhere; in that time we can review a passage and lay it down deeper in our memory. EASY to do. . . with long-term benefits!

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