Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Our only girl turned NINE today. Amazing and crazy for us to believe. How blessed we are to have her sweetness and spunky spirit in our home!

She is a happy hummer with a song in her heart. When The Lawyer asked her tonight to share some of her favorite memories from the past 9 years, her list started with T, M, and G being born. She has such a soft spot for her younger siblings and younger children in general!

G reminds me of L as a baby; she wasn't happy and easy and neither is he. They both cried as soon as they woke up and usually cried in the carseat and high chair (basically anywhere they were buckled and didn't want to be!). These are two strong-willed personalities! Which is good, you know, because they have a lot to put up with around here and probably do need to stick up for themselves.

L is our artist and creative mastermind. She also loves celebrations and has a talent for making things special and memorable. (Unlike her mother; I was totally stretched today just to make her favorite dinner (lasagna) AND a birthday cake (from scratch, of course... just like the 2 lamb cakes I made for Easter yesterday)).  L adds beauty and fun to our home.

Oh, that the Lord would help me appreciate and cherish these days as she grows up so quickly! May she grow ever more like our Savior, with her beauty reflecting His glory in her.

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