Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday and Today

How quickly things change!

Two days ago I was in Phoenix for our company convention. It was absolutely lovely out there; the weather was warm (90s) and sunny and the sky was high and blue. I felt good in my cute new (to me) clothes and red sandals. I had a fun new handbag, sunglasses on my head, and nothing else to carry. It was so EASY and enjoyable to walk and talk with my friends and family (love that they come, too!). It felt like I had time to converse and there was a relaxed air over all the weekend. How pampered I felt to have a pink pedicure and how delicious were my fresh, healthy meals out. My hotel bed was soft with crisp white sheets and a fluffy pillow. I slept through the night. Four times!

One morning, my sister-in-law and I woke up early (Phoenix time) and took a walk while the sun gradually warmed the red stones and brick of the city. We admired fountains and green spaces and interesting architecture, then went to the hotel terrace to stretch and pray. What a wonderful way to begin a day! Another day began with our team prayer breakfast- over 1,000 believers gathered to worship and exalt the Lord, endeavoring to lean into Him to learn what we needed that day. I always sense the Spirit there and it is humbling and thrilling.

Over the weekend I rubbed shoulders with incredible people who have generous, faithful hearts and inspiring vision. Being with these people inspires me to be a better person! Not only that, but there are older, wiser people who speak truth into my life at these conferences, and I am so thankful! I journal their words, reflect on the days, and dream and plan and hope. . .

And then I come home.

How I love to come home! How I love the kisses and the hugs and the words spilling over each other as everyone has so much to tell me! I can't seem to look at the children enough (have they grown so much?!) nor touch The Lawyer enough. My heart swells with pride and thanksgiving for these children.

And then we get home, where The Lawyer and two children have been sick all day. There are beds to make and laundry to do and dishes piled beside the sink. And the baby wants to nurse (but he asks so sweetly!) and the fridge is practically empty. Oh, and there is vomit in the shower, which also has a clogged drain.

There was no quiet, peaceful entry into this day. No time to ponder. No one talking to me and trying to help me be a better me for God's glory. Just my normal life, my kids helping me be better for God's glory. Just poop in the bathtub (the other one!) and another wet bed to change. . . and kids to take a walk with and hugs from the baby (who also said "I love you!" pretty clearly!). There was piano music and laughter on the trampoline and sweaty bodies next to me on the couch as I read books. No fancy lunches, but creative use of leftovers. I don't feel cute (but then again, I didn't shower, either!). I feel tired (then again, I didn't sleep through the night). Somehow, all of this is sanctifying me in a way that God says is GOOD for me. I trust Him. . . but I'm so glad I had those few days in Phoenix!

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