Saturday, February 15, 2014

Life Changes in 2014

I've been hesitant to post lately because it seems that we are headed into more life change. Part of me thinks that if I wait just awhile longer, some decisions will be made and then I can just write about everything when the loose ends are tied up and things feel settled. But things don't feel settled and I sense it may be a good long while until they do (do they ever?!).

No. We're not expecting.

But my sister is (and somehow that seems to impact me, even though we live a country apart)! Congratulations, Cara. We are waiting every day to hear news.

Our family, however, is looking to change churches, which is a BIG deal because the church we've been at for the past 2 and 1/2 years is the only church we've really been at for the past 2 and 1/2 years (which is since we moved here from Lynchburg). Leaving the church feels very much like starting ALL over again and I've been dragging my feet at the thought of being NEW again somewhere. I'm the kind of gal who likes "where everybody knows your name and they're always glad you came." It's a really good feeling to me to walk into church and recognize people/be recognized. . . I search for community. I suspect that my feelings are strongly shaped by growing up in the same house, in the same church, in the same school, in the same community (of 1000 people) for 20 years.

Not only will we change churches, but we're considering a move again. We do this every year; we thought this rental was going to only be for our first year in Richmond. This June marks THREE years in this house. Even though we know we are blessed to be here and we see that the Lord brought us to this place and has provided for us here. . . it just doesn't feel like home. Our landlord is really great and the small space has worked well for us. Still, we long for a little more space, some grass, a place for the porch swing, some land for a garden and a clothesline and a dog. . . We try to balance those desires with the changes that could mean for The Lawyer's commute (because we really love to have time with The Lawyer!) and to our finances.

And it's the time of year that people start registering for things. O will be in 7th grade this fall and we've been planning to enroll him in the Classical Conversations Challenge program. We are praying this through, looking at the communities here, and wondering what we are supposed to do. Could be continue our CBS (Community Bible Study) classes that we love if we are out of the house one day for O's CC? These would be big changes for us.

It all feels big to me right now. Even a small move feels like such a monumental undertaking. Changing communities, looking for community is uncomfortable. I so long for heaven! To settle in and know I'm where I'm going to be. . . to unpack for good and make a home. .  . to find our people, brethren. . . these human longings may or may not happen on this earth. I want to be content in all these. But if you don't hear from us, just know there is a lot going on!

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