Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day!

It's always a bit interesting to me to hear other people's comments about the impending snow days.

Yesterday, we were expecting snow to start in the late afternoon and anticipating that schools would be closed on Thursday and maybe Friday, as well. Like much of the rest of the country, we've had a lot of snow days here this winter.

I had the children at our neighborhood fitness facility, where they take a "kid's conditioning" class. (I think of it as P.E. for my kids.) Not only does it make a bit of a scene for me to walk through the facility with six children, but with the snow coming I also heard someone mutter, "I bet she isn't looking forward to having them all home tomorrow!" To this her confidant responded, "Yes! These moms must be going crazy with their kids at home for all of these snow days!"

I admit it gave me pleasure to smile sweetly while saying, "We home-school. These children are home with me every day and I'm glad." (not sure I really said that last bit!)

A snow day here is a FUN day! We usually still do our work (at least math and grammar), but we also read more good books than we can normally fit it and we/the kids also have lots of outside play time to enjoy the (quickly melting) snow.

Hope you have a lovely snow day, wherever you are!

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