Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Food Politics - Oh No, Chipotle!

Link: http://youtu.be/Dnp6Y1z9YIQ
(for some reason, not working right?)

So. . . our family doesn't eat fast food as a rule. We really, truly, haven't eaten at a fast food chain for EIGHT YEARS (except if others took us there. . . and except for CHIPOTLE.) When we travel, I map out Chipotle locations or grocery stores where I know we can get relatively fresh, healthy fare. And, of course, we usually pack most of our food so we can KNOW what is in it.

Therefore, we were so SAD to watch this video and find out that Chipotle tortillas have hydrogenated oils!! We eliminated hydrogenated oils eight years ago and this was a key reason we stopped eating any fast trash (I kept a hamburger and fries and saw that they did not deteriorate at all; it changed my perspective).

I am thankful for food activists and know that WE have a part to play in this, too. Ultimately, our trust is in the Lord and we can make choices to responsibly take care of our families and our earth.

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