Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's True. . .

Some things are hard to believe. Like our past week.

Sick me. Then sick kids. Then sick Lawyer. More sick kids.

Then M has nurse-maid's-elbow and we have to take him for an emergency visit to the pediatrician.

Then R has ear pain and we take him for an emergency visit to a different physician (because we don't see eye to eye with the doctor on call at office #1 closer to our house).

Today the big van wouldn't start for me at the post office when I needed to go pick up the big kids from piano. We waited for The Lawyer to come from the bus to rescue us. G was crying (not sure quite why). M was whining that he was hungry. T was crying because he had a headache concussion from falling on ice earlier today. I nursed G. We all got rather chilly.

Thankfully, the piano teacher didn't mind keeping three children a little longer. And our dinner was hot in the crockpot when we got home. And when we went back later, the big van started up with a jump from the Odyssey. And going out in the cold then was enough to get me to also go fill up the Odyssey and get groceries for our family.

If all of that seems pretty reasonable, I can also add that I did find the baby (13 mo) chewing gum this week.

He also threw the bath cups into the potty. And a spatula. And a comb. This was not all at the same time, but various times that the bathroom door was left open. And he threw my chapstick into a very full potty. And then I rinsed it off and used it. Oh yes, I did.

It's true that our life is full and hard and really pretty funny sometimes.

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Kristi said...

Hope that all of you are feeling better now. When it rains, it pours...too often!