Wednesday, January 15, 2014

During Bath Time I Wonder. . .

Why there are 9 toothbrushes in the kids' bathroom when I only have six children.

Why G (13 months) loves to put things around his neck. Tonight it was a green washcloth; I could envision him as an athletic young man with a green towel thrown over his sweaty shoulders.

Who used the bubble bath? I splurged on a bottle of bubble bath for my littlest boys who LOVE bath time. I used it ONCE. Now 1/3 of the bottle is gone and no one confesses to taking a bath.

Why there is ALWAYS toilet paper and urine on the floor. Not one or the other, but both. Strange.

Why I taped a nice little note to the mirror about spitting in the sink and rinsing it down. . . the sink is just as gross as before; maybe the culprit can't read?

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