Thursday, June 6, 2013

AMAZING Norwex! (or, How to Remove Permanent Marker from Your Mac)

IF you have young children
WHO occasionally escape direct supervision
  AND find things like permanent markers (or scissors- gasp!)
    AND then exercise their creative genius
      IN ways you really wish they hadn't. . .

IF, say, a particular two year old uses a red permanent marker on the lid of your precious Mac laptop (last year!). . .

I think I was crying when I took this photo.
THEN, you need Norwex Cleaning Paste. It's just marble flour and coconut oil and soap- but it did what all the internet concoctions I "researched" could not do. With just a dab of the Norwex paste on my kitchen cloth I removed the remaining red permanent marker stains from my laptop in seconds. Pretty cool.

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