Monday, May 27, 2013

Loving It!

Memorial Day Weekend... a summer kick off... a time to remember (and I always cry!) and give thanks for freedoms and sacrifices and LOVE.

Giving thanks today for . . .
1141) Homemade yogurt. The easiest, best yogurt I've ever made, thanks to teeny tiny yogurt cultures. I just sprinkle it in the clean jars, add (properly prepared) milk, put it in the oven (with only the light on) and in the morning we have jars of yogurt!
1142) Lipstick with just a hint of orange oil. After reading about the hazards of lipstick ( and other standard cosmetics, I'm especially thankful for my new NYR tube.
1143) Our TowerGarden is growing lush and beautiful and I'm loving the delicious herbs and lettuces. Plus, it's beautiful and the fountain sound is so peaceful to me.
1144) Cleaning our house. Not frequently enough, but still it is fun to me when I can clean with just water and special Norwex cloths. Love the enviro cloth with the polish cloth. And the cleaning paste worked wonders on our shower.
1145) Things to learn. I'm totally fascinated by colon hydrotherapy right now.
1146) Kids all excited to feed G his first food. (Even though he wasn't very excited about the banana  or the green bean tonight!)
1147) New babies. Welcome Adelle! And Brooklyn! And Hudson!
1148) Cool night breeze after a warm day.
1149) Water- so refreshing with a drop or two of wild orange or Slim and Sassy.
1150) Bagpipes and drums and red, white, and blue and salutes and handshakes and heritage.


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