Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Ten

Somehow the nights get away from me. Actually, the entire day seems to blur by. I wake up and breathe a few times and then it's lunch. Then, I'm getting little ones down to rest and trying to get the big ones to settle down and be QUIET, for goodness' sake. . . and then I go to the bathroom and shut the door and breathe a few times and beg for the Lord's continued mercy. I just settle in to the afternoon (as in, I might sit down for a few minutes to read to kids) and then, before I notice, it's past 5 o'clock and The Lawyer is coming in and the dinner is going and . . . whew! We eat, clean up, walk, there is LOTS of talking, and everyone has ideas of what we should do before bed.

Just reflecting on it takes my ten minutes!

Here are some random thoughts today:
1) M (3) had an amazing streak of staying dry all day and through naps. He can totally do it. Then, today, he changed his mind and I had wet unders and shorts to change again. I wish it didn't bother me so much, but this really annoys me.
2) Not only do I change wet clothes, but there are still wet beds.
3) And cloth diapers. And strollers- at one point tonight I looked down and wondered aloud what was on the stroller... and me... and leaking out of G. . .
4) One child has suddenly become a very picky eater. This isn't really okay with me, but I see an opportunity for me to be gracious. He's eating lots of carrots.
5) Summer has totally taken me by surprise. We aren't really finished with the school things I had planned on us finishing in May, so school continues (on a very limited basis). We're still wondering about joining a pool (which really doesn't appeal to me with a six month old and five other kids). The big boys want to play tennis with the neighbor boy (EVERY day). And there are several projects around here that I'd like for us to work on... you know, when we have time. (ha ha)
6) July looks to be exciting. We are planning to go to RidgeHaven family camp. The main highlight for us is having several days with our dear friends who moved away from Richmond earlier this year (and life hasn't been the same for us since!).
7) We're also really looking forward to a visit from grandparents later this month; I hope the anticipation doesn't wear me out!

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