Saturday, May 11, 2013

Too Much to Post- or, If I Pause the Three Year Old Will Burn the House Down

Yep, it was a pretty crazy week. Some life things going on that were not so fun- one sick child, a baby waking up every 2 or 3 hours at night, other normal/crazy life. Plus, I had stitches removed from a minor incision in my arm. . . only to reopen my wound that night in my sleep. So, another trip to the doctor's office; another very slim "school day."

And really, the 3 year old is in need of some serious training. I mean, I know I keep saying this, but it HAS to happen. Really, I am trying. Every day we work on this- starting with simple obedience with "Yes, Ma'am." It's lost somehow, I tell 'ya. Either he can't hear or he chooses not to hear when his name is called. He doesn't like to come when he's called. He continues to wet his pants. He wants to know "why" for everything, has an opinion on everything, and thinks his way is best for everything. It's exhausting! I have to keep tabs on this child at. all. times.

This week I found that he had put mulch in the Tower Garden base (which is only for water!). I wondered why the motor was running slowly. . . and I found out.

We had major water incidents in the kitchen and bathroom multiple times this week. (Even though my norwex towels don't need many washes I had plenty of towels to wash from these escapades.) He threw a glass on the sidewalk (one of my last two cow glasses!). He's thrown all kinds of things that he shouldn't be throwing. And he thinks he's just as big as everyone else, so I may find that he's headed off to the cul-de-sac by himself for awhile.

One afternoon this week during "rest" time, he got into O's special drawer with his special things. When M emerged from the bedroom smelling like soap, I knew something had gone wrong. That feeling was confirmed when I entered the bedroom and it smelled like SMOKE. Yep, there were the telltale burn holes in the (Pottery Barn!) rug and matches scattered on the floor. As I sat reading Tolkien to the bigger kids, the three year old had locked the bedroom door and was trying to be a Boy Scout- soap, matches, and all. Sheesh!

It's a good thing I love him. I mean, if I wasn't his mother, I couldn't take this kind of chaos everyday. It definitely drives me to the Lord!

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