Sunday, May 12, 2013

Music in the House- (Another Story of Provision!)

There is music in our house and The Lawyer and I are thrilled.

The three biggest kids started piano lessons seven months ago.

Now, I could teach them piano. I've taught other children to play the piano. I've even given our children sporadic lessons. Teaching them piano, however, became one of the last things on my too-long to-do list. It was easy not to do when the day felt too busy. It was tacked on with my home school agenda and I wasn't finding pleasure in it. So, I prayed about lessons for our kids.

Right away, The Lawyer (bless him for his practicality!) decided that we couldn't afford lessons. I checked around, asked for recommendations from people, tried to think outside the box (home school band? Online? Through a college?). I was shocked by the price of lessons and also realized that even though I wanted our children to have the benefits of lessons, I didn't feel like I could commit to long weekly drives- especially because I was contemplating this during a season of pregnancy and postpartum! Lessons seemed like a luxury and not a necessity and when I looked at our budget, I also wondered if it was wise to add another monthly expense. So, I asked the Lord to provide for us IF He would be pleased to give our kids music lessons.

Well, the Lord provided again. (Isn't he GOOD to give us things for the sheer pleasure it brings us and Him?!) I asked Him for music and asked Him to make a way for our children to learn music. We heard about a teacher who lives in the next neighborhood, charges less than any lessons I had heard of, and had three time slots in a row available on a Tuesday afternoon after my littles' rest time. Amazing. Then, the Lord also worked out the finances for us (mainly through an exceptionally generous gift!) and The Lawyer gave approval to the lessons.

And we are so glad! We hear our children on the piano every day. It's lovely! (Though I'll confess I sometimes weary of the Indian war dance and roll my eyes at the speedy Revilie at 6:45 a.m.) The children have memorized pieces and they'll pop in and play a few songs at various times throughout the day. The Lawyer and I enjoy the music we're hearing!

There have been no complaints about practicing. The three of them are competitive and they all want to be able to play each other's songs. They have moved quickly through their books and are genuinely enjoying what they are learning. It is good for them to have Mrs. H as their teacher. I see that they want to please her and her perspective and influence has been good for them. They have had a recital and are preparing for one in June. (This one will be without music! I'm not one to play well without music and I'm so proud of the effort that they are putting in to prepare themselves. I love seeing them rise to the occasion.) Our three have grown and been stretched just through these half hour lessons. I'm unbelievably thankful for the music in our home!

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