Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is It Really Food?

So... what do you think? If you haven't watched/read anything distressing recently about our health and our food, then this is a good link (that won't take much time but may just disgust you).

"Food should be pleasurable," they say. And so they enhance and add and take away and when we buy things in boxes and cans and packages we may really be getting much more than we bargained for. I knew that "natural" flavorings was a questionable label, but I can't believe all that goes on behind the grocery store scene. (As a side note, L (7) went grocery shopping with me yesterday and we were both sad that Kroger has moved the breakfast foods in with some of the bread. I've not been able to stand the smell of a grocery store bread isle for years- it just smells really wrong to me- and apparently, now it bothers L, too. She commented on the weird smell and we both hightailed it out of there!)

This IS why I love JuicePlus+ and why I advocate healthy, whole-food eating. (Not that I trust the whole foods at the grocery, either!) If we eat better, we want to eat better. We can LOVE and crave healthy, whole foods! There is something alluring about deep green avocados and spikey yellow pineapples and deep crimson raspberries. They taste fantastic! And we are satisfied. We won't overdose or be undernourished with these kinds of whole food choices. JuicePlus+ is great because it doesn't use flavorings to make it palatable- it is really just the whole foods. I'm so thankful for the integrity of this company that truly wants people to be well- not just to consume more.

Are you eating lots of whole foods?

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