Sunday, March 17, 2013

And We Just Keep Rollin'

All I can pull off tonight (again) are bullet points of some of the thoughts I thought I would turn into posts this week but didn't.

  • Tearing up the to-do list often sounds like a great idea to me. Why am I still surprised by the very LITTLE I seem to get done in a day? And why am I still keeping track this way? And why do I chide myself when this is just my reality?!
  • The Lord is good to remind me of reality. I told Him I would get up to spend early morning time with Him and I have not been honoring that. This morning at church His Spirit gently convicted me, "See, you can't even get yourself up when you say you are going to." And then, "But I still love you." Oh! That undeserved, amazing love just overwhelms me!
  • Vacuums. Much like our van story, there is now a vacuum story. It's not a finished story yet, though, and I can't type up the entire saga now. Let's just say that our vacuum had major problems over a month ago and is still in for repairs. We had no vacuum Saturday morning. By Saturday night we had THREE! And even though I prayed and asked God to provide, and even though the kids and I acknowledged that it would be really crazy for someone to show up at our front door with a free vacuum for us. . . THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED. Two vacuums at our front door, completely free.
  • I'm not only a liar (about when I'll rise in the morning), but I'm also completely klutzy, too. Maybe I'm still tired (G has not been sleeping his good, long stretches), but I seem to drop a lot of things in the kitchen. Today's tragedy involved a glass bottle falling out of the cabinet, hitting my favorite pitcher just SO and effectively breaking it. If I was good, I could have caught it and averted the tearful aftermath.
  • Babies are just challenging! G slept through the night- hooray!- and now isn't- boo, hiss! And still, this seems more normal to me and so it is also fine. He is rolling over now and that always throws a kink into the sleeping rhythm for awhile. Plus, he is grabbing at all kinds of things and the bigger kids all feel like they have a pet: "OOh! See if he'll grab this! Watch him hold this!"
  • Two year olds are also extremely challenging. M has pushed me to the limit for the past several days (only it doesn't seem as bad when The Lawyer is around to split the trials with me!). Majorly disobedient, followed by lots of "I love you" and even "I like you!" Not that he is trying to change my course of action with his platitudes, but it is as if ONE child has tantrums and says "NO" to my every request while the OTHER child lays his head in my lap or throws his arm impulsively around my neck and croons lovingly in my ear. Oh my!
  • The holiday excitement is already building to a fever pitch. I'm not sure what I will do with two more weeks until Easter. We already have Easter treasure hunts and Easter posters and talk of Easter egg hunts and lamb cakes. I'm feeling nailed down by every.possible.Easter.thing. I've every done. They are holding me accountable for ALL of it and want it ALL repeated this year. (Have I mentioned that I'm not really a celebratory kind of girl? This is hard for me!)
  • And, the Landlord asked about our lease. Are we thinking we will renew for another year? First, I'm shocked that "another" year has nearly passed. I thought we would be in this house for only ONE year. (I know, this is what ALL renters say!) Now two years. And the though of a third, well. . . it just bothers me.
  • If I wait 5 minutes, things will change. We always give G 5 minutes to cry and resettle. The same thing usually works for me.

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