Sunday, December 11, 2011

From Lynchburg to Richmond

Six months in Richmond has allowed me to look back on our time in Lynchburg with greater appreciation. I've also had time to discover some great things about living here.

Lynchburg: everything is about 15 minutes away
Richmond: everything is about 30 minutes away

Lynchburg: mountain views
Richmond: forest views

Lynchburg: $35 haircut
Richmond: $50 haircut

Lynchburg: local honey
Richmond: "local" seafood

Lynchburg: no real connections with farmers
Richmond: connections with several family-run farms in Amelia

Lynchburg: amazing bike trails (Black Water Creek), but needed to drive to them
Richmond: great bike trails in our neighborhood; we just leave the house and have an adventure

Lynchburg: Ms Ruth (our elderly neighbor) and other wonderful neighbors
Richmond: wondering if people live in the houses on our street

Lynchburg: health food store and Amish store (for bulk items)
Richmond: Trader Joe's and Whole Foods

Lynchburg: great friends who invested in our family, let us do life with them, and grew with us for 5 years
Richmond: new friends who invest in us and allow us to be part of their lives, even when it's messy

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