Monday, September 5, 2011

Boy Reading

We love books around here! Some of our greatest times together are with books in hand. Here are a few that the boys have particularly enjoyed lately:

This book is being pored over in our house. It is John Seymour's Forgotten Crafts, which we picked up at the library because of the boys' interest in building a log cabin and learning all things outdoors. The Lawyer and I have found ourselves also drawn to this book. Seymour's premise is that things made by hand (the old fashioned way) are more beautiful, more useful, support craftsmanship and are environmentally responsible (because they all decompose). We agree with so much of what he says! Plus, the photos are wonderful and the illustrations well wrought.

Owen has also been taking notes from this book on building your own log cabin (home). He is learning about types of wood and all that goes into building a home from the foundation up.

As for historical fiction (my favorite!), we have recently been reading these books called the Three Legions by Rosemary Sutcliff. Excellent! R particularly loves these; he likes anything about Romans and I think he has my love of history. He is rereading the book we just finished.

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