Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Beach List

We spent a wonderful day at the beach- the first time we have gone with all five children and the second time we have gone in VA (2007 was the last time!). On this Labor Day I am celebrating the gift of REST! For, if we didn't have this day to celebrate (with The Lawyer not lawyering), we wouldn't have gone to Buckroe, where there was so much to notice, to enjoy, to take in. . . so many gifts!

741) Salt water spray
742) First time at the beach (T), scared of waves, "They're moving us!"
732) First time at the beach and not scared at all; M laughed and laughed
733) Blue sky and clouds far overhead
734) Texture of sponges underfoot
735) Horseshoe crab shells
736) Happy, giddy laughter (R)
737) Buried legs
738) Creamy fontina cheese and crackers
739) Children's happy swimming
740) Everyone sleeping in the van on the way home
741) The Lawyer's sunburn. . . hilarious streaks from my misapplication (so sorry!)
742) Sand between toes
743) Baby powder rubbed on legs; sand falling away
744) Smooth rocks
745) Whelks
746) Amazing wind surfer speeding over the waves; mysterious wind!
747) Brown arms and legs (well, except The Lawyer!)
748) Sand construction projects
749) T's prayer: "Thank you for the waves at the beach. But I didn't like the big ones. But the small ones were okay."
750) L running the beach, chasing waves, being chased, chasing gulls. . .

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Anonymous said...

So much fun! Many memories to treasure. I live right by the beach and rarely go, this reminds me that I should:)