Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T is Four!

Brothers trying out the new diggers.

T and his bike cake.

M (15 mo) wants to be a Digger Man, too.

Big brothers made a shed for the new tractor.

Checking the time mid-construction project.
Our cheerful T is FOUR now! This child is our joy and delight. He is sweet (with many "I love yous") and helpful (I can do it!) and cheerful ("that's okay!") with an indomitable spirit that endears him to us. His charming smile and dimpled cheek help, too.

He can rough it up with the big brothers (though it usually ends in tears- and not always T's) and yet he also patiently teaches M to be "a digger man" and make a drum with the brillo can. T and L (6) are best friends when it comes to pretending. They are often making forts or leading each other around with a rope.

T loves the "Billy and Blaze" books as well as Curious George and just about any other book, too. He has hidden much Scripture in his heart this year and can recite nearly all of Colossians chapters 1, 2, and 3. He is concerned about having big muscles and being able to run fast. His biking (very fast and coordinated on 4 wheels) scares me to death but he has a blast. He's even managed 2 wheels around the yard and we predict it won't be long until he can keep up with his older siblings.

Oh! Such JOY to live with this child! What a privilege to live life with this precious soul.

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