Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Coconut Oil and Diapers- Two Deals

While these two (coconut oil and diapers) don't typically turn up together, they are both items that I've recently purchased online and been VERY happy with. Although I'm not big on couponing, and I loathe spending time shopping around for deals, I do get excited when I get a great price on something I need.

For starters, coconut oil from www.mercola.com is the best deal I've found. There is SO much information out there about how good coconut oil is for you. I like to buy from Mercola because I can buy a large container (which is on sale) and then get a discount for being part of the autoship program. After I placed my order I also received a coupon for 10% off my next order. I haven't found coconut oil of this quality any cheaper.

We generally use cloth diapers, but now I'm in this little house without a clothesline and still trying to put our life in order. I gave myself a break from washing diapers (but don't criticize because I'm still using cloth napkins) and have been looking for the least expensive size 3 diapers I could find. Low and behold, it is less expensive to buy diapers off www.amazon.com than it is for me to use a coupon at the local mart! The diapers I found were on sale and then I again signed up for the autoship program (though I don't intend to continue this indefinitely). The autoship gave me a discount and free shipping. And, as an added perk, I think I'm now getting free shipping on all my Amazon orders. It was such a great feeling to come home from dropping The Lawyer at the bus stop and see a box of diapers waiting on the porch.

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