Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One morning, in the tender early hours of the day, as we returned from dropping The Lawyer at the bus stop, we witnessed a shocking accident right in front of us.

At that point on Hull St., there are four lanes of traffic speeding out of town. I feel a bit edgy because the lanes begin to suddenly merge down to two lanes. I glance both directions and watch for speeding drivers around me. And then, in front of me, I see tail lights. Instinctively, I slow down and wonder what is ahead. To my left a car zips past, unheeding. A few seconds later that car plows into a flock of geese crossing the road. Even from our distance we hear the thud of the unfortunate goose and our eyes grow wide as feathers poof into the air. The car slows but drives on until the goose is left in the road behind.

I'm horrified and rolling forward with one hand over my mouth. The kids are shocked, too.

(Later I remember that I've hit my share of animals, too. Which always shook me.)

Today we said goodbye to The Lawyer and he boarded the morning bus. Then, we turned toward home. Only a feet down the road there was a small flock of geese crossing from the median to the hill on the right shoulder.

"Oh Mom!" T shouted. (I had already slowed, thankfully.) "There's geese!"

"I see them. Thanks," I said.

"Good," says T. And I think of the feathers blown across the highway last week.

The geese waddle across and I drive on. After that moment of quiet T shouts from the back, "Did you hit one?"

"No," I say (and I can't help but smile).

He gives his usual response: "good."

And it IS good. It's so good that God has protected us (717). And the geese (718). And given us things to smile about even as we sorrow (719). There are good, beautiful "boomerang" clouds swept across the blue sky (720). And musical birthday cards (721) that the baby dances to (722). There is good music playing softly in the background (723) and it is good to break bread with new friends (724). It is good to put these new routines in place and realize how simple house keeping is with a small house (725). And so good to talk to "old" friends who affirm the growth and processes that I cannot see (726).

GOOD. Everything He gives is good. Oh, give me eyes to see it as such!

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