Monday, August 15, 2011

Ever Good

First day of "full school" here at home. Such an adventure! I love getting back into a tighter routine and checking off the things we are accomplishing. It's good to know where the day went.

Here are some photos of our life here. Though much has changed, I still see the thread of consistency through our family (who we really are). Maybe you see it, too?

One way for me to stay moored to the Truth is to notice and count the gifts the Lord has given. He is always faithful, never changing, ever good.
Zucchini Spaghetti. Beautiful! (Ann takes photos of cheese and I marvel at zucchini!)

M (15 mo) in the fireplace. I changed his clothes and bathed him THREE times before he learned not to climb into the fireplace (and shut the screen behind himself). Oh, it may have helped that I also put a chair in front of the fireplace, too!

The Lawyer and I (and M) at the state capitol.

It floats! All the kids contributed to the construction of the massive duplo boat.

Capitol entrance.
727) Zucchini "noodles" curling in the bowl.
728) Pan of fresh, warm cherry tomatoes.
729) T saying, "Mom! I just had a shiver run up my spine." (inspired by Blaze and the Mountain Lion.)
730) Boy in the fireplace.
731) Boy far, far above me in the oak tree.
732) Freshly sharpened pencils.
733) Joy- great joy!- from giving to others.
734) Puddles.
735) Rejoicing with those who rejoice (dear friends with a new job).
736) Mourning with those who mourn (loved ones are ill).
737) Girl popping to the surface-after jumping from the diving board- with an exuberant smile.
738) Mercy when I forget to wash the white shirts.
739) M bringing books to me to read (including War of the Worlds).
740) Soft fuzzy blond buzzed hair cuts under my hands.

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Stacie said...

Oh, the cutie in the fireplace made me smile! :)