Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Day Things Went to Pieces


We started "full school" on Monday and I knew Sunday night that by Wednesday I would know whether or not the new schedule was going to fly. Monday was glorious (in that we nearly kept on schedule, had lots to check off at the end of the day, and I was able to inspect the children's work). Not only that, but I scheduled in fun times with the littlest and a good long book reading session with the biggest- so our emotional tanks were feeling full, too.

Then Tuesday... a little less enthusiasm from the crowd. And yet still good. At the end of the day I was thankful for the schedule that revealed where the day went. It was good to know that we did touch on academics and character and get the "acts of service" done, too.

And then today. It's called hump day for a reason. I knew that if we made it through this day that it would bode well for the entire year. Tonight I breathe a sigh of relief because I believe we'll make it- even though we had a rather unbelievable day.

First, I should mention that I'm grieving one of the (two or three?) items broken during the move. A large, white oval bowl with scalloped edge came out of its box in pieces. I cried. It's my largest serving dish and I used it daily for salad. The Lawyer allowed me to splurge on it when we were away for our tenth anniversary weekend.

Yesterday T (3) broke (cracked) the refrigerator drawer (an accident, of course). This bummed me out because our Lynchburg refrigerator had a broken drawer that always made it difficult to use and I was so enjoying the new fridge here with the working drawers.

This morning I wore gold sandals to take The Lawyer to the bus. When we returned home I noticed that the soles were separated from the uppers. (That's why I was tripping all over the carpet!)

The kids fill a large glass pitcher with water for me every day. It's so easy for me to remember to drink water when it is sitting right there and I can see how much I need to imbibe. This heavy glass pitcher was a wedding gift. Today O (9) accidentally knocked it into the side of the refrigerator and it cracked from one side to the other in a long arc as water seeped out onto the counter. I nearly cried.

Then, I went to give T (3) his Silver Shield and the cap was cracked and broken and no longer holding a seal. And it was sharp! R (7) had accidentally knocked it out of the cupboard this morning, apparently.

L (6) came sadly to me during rest time with a broken flower barrette in her hand. It "just broke" as she tried to take it out of her doll's hair. Never mind that it was a special flower barrette that I had worn for my sister's wedding.

And... I think there were probably other things, too, but I've forgotten them already in the spin of the day. Yet- we made it through. The kids are in bed, the house tidied, the plans laid for tomorrow (Lord willing!). And we'll be okay. (Is the Lord teaching me to hold things loosely or what!?) He always provides; just today we opened a surprise package with new swim suits for the boys and clothes for T- such a blessing! And needed. Of course, we read Matthew 6 today, with God's assurance that He will feed and clothe us (just "happened" to be there for our daily noon reading). And Valley of Vision reminded me that He provides all things "needful" for me.

Some things went to pieces today, but my soul was carefully sustained.

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