Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moving Plans?

Oh my.

Last week we thought that we would be loading the U-haul truck today and moving into our rental home on Sunday.

Then there weren't any trucks available. Finally, we were able to get a truck for Sunday and planned to load and move the same day.

Then we found out that the rental house didn't have the new carpet yet, and it would be installed on Tuesday. Perhaps we could still load on Sunday and then unload on Tuesday.

My mom is flying into Richmond on Tuesday- what a blessing! We hoped she would be available to help us as we settled into the new home.

Then we found out that the rental house carpet wouldn't be installed until Wednesday next week. And, with all that was going on, our realtor hinted that this house might not work out at all and we should perhaps look for another option.

We canceled the truck reservation for Sunday and moved it to Wednesday.

Then we found out that the sub floor of the rental's bathroom needs to be replaced and the work will be done on Thursday, the same day the carpet is now scheduled to be installed.

And so we are tentatively planning to load on Wednesday, leave Lynchburg on Thursday, and unload in Midlothian (Richmond) as soon as we can. The Lawyer will bring my mother from Richmond to Lynchburg on Tuesday after he works downtown, and she'll see more of the packing end of the process. . . because we won't be in the rental house long before leaving; we planned to leave Midlothian on Friday to travel back to IL together with the kids for a few weeks of summer fun (swim lessons and family visits!).

So the best laid plans are often set aside for other plans- and it's okay.

It does seem interesting to me how difficult this entire process has been. When we moved to Lynchburg it felt rather simple and we were able to see the Lord going before us all the way. Doors opened; there were crazy "coincidences" and clear signs for us to move forward, even though it seemed a bit risky to start law school at that season of life. Now, we feel just as compelled to make this move and yet everything about it has seemed difficult: the one vehicle situation, The Lawyer's housing, the house on the market for a year, and now all of the complications with a rental.

Ah, sigh. This is life. And it might not get easier (probably won't!). We press on. . . and will move when we can!

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