Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Today

The season is changing and I feel time rushing like water beneath my feet. This day is a gift. This day! And tomorrow and each day. For all the uncertainty ahead I recount the gifts that have made these days sweet- yes, even today.

#666 Enjoying the farmer's market with a friend
#667 The "goat cheese man" gave a parting gift of lemon, honey, lavender cheese- oh yum!
#668 The "honey man"cheerily calling out from his stall to us, bidding us come back
#669 Finding a friend or an acquaintance nearly everywhere I go.
#670 Early morning greetings exchanged with Phyllis and Rosa, walking the dogs
#671 Ms Ruth across the street always watching the children from her window
#672 This funny little town where so many license plates read like shorthand scripture: JHN316 and LUVJSUS and IM HIZ and SAVD 4EVR and EU CRISTO
#673 Hiking places with boys; finding snakes and throwing sticks in the water and climbing trees and ducking into tunnels
#674 Magnolia blooms
#675 White Crepe Myrtle blossoms arching gracefully toward the ground
#676 Mountain vista from the midway point of my run; a row of hills with mist still rising from the valleys
#677 Greenhouses within walking distance. . . with produce and eggs
#678 First tomatoes of summer from our garden
#679 Twilight walks around the block
#680 Sweetness of another morning with a friend; the same rhythm we've had through the years- our children play hard, we all have shakes, and she and I squeeze some conversation in. I'm always encouraged in the Lord by her and her words play in my head all day, "You don't have that much to do. You have a clean house; you're just too hard on yourself. This is the normal chaos of moving. .. The Lord has always provided for you."

She's right. These last five years have been such a story of provision. Really, all of my life is a story of His provision. He provided grace when I didn't even know I needed it, provided a Son, a sacrifice before I was even conceived. Provided frame for this spirit and sustenance and salvation. All is sweet.

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