Monday, June 6, 2011

Creating Celebrations

The best way to create momentum is to simply move. The very act of taking a step begins a chain reaction of events.

Several weeks ago a friend blessed our family by sending us out to dinner. It was to be a celebratory dinner (on a day I really didn't feel we had much to celebrate). Because of a previous commitment we had a limited time to choose a restaurant, get everyone ready, and do the celebration. It also happened to be Liberty's graduation weekend so we anticipated large crowds and more traffic than normal.

I must confess that I didn't fully embrace the idea until we were actually in the van and on our way. Then, I explained to the children that we were going out to eat (something we hadn't done as a family for nearly a year) to celebrate that God was working in our lives and that we would soon be seeing evidence of His good plan for us. Surely, we would soon see His blessings breaking through after this past year of continued prayer for His guidance (in taking the new job, selling the house, moving...). Believing His sovereignty was cause enough to rejoice.

Perhaps I underestimated what a dinner out could do. Oh, I am so thankful for the wisdom and generosity of this friend! For we ATE! Each chose a meal to his liking. We had salad! We had soup! We had bread! We had a full meal and even dessert for some of us. After being a bit hungry, this was so satisfying. The Lawyer and I took great pleasure in our children's happiness. Everyone behaved well and the dinner was completely enjoyable. We lingered. We laughed together. We talked about our Ebenezers (times we have seen the Lord in mighty ways on behalf of our family). We gathered up our leftovers and sang together in the van on the way home.

And my heart was light. It was such a transformation from the way I felt just a few hours earlier. There was a HOPE in my breast that caused my heart to soar. Claiming those promises and enjoying my family meant everything.

I learned that I could create hope simply by creating a celebration. Taking an action step (going out to dinner) created real change- heart changes and changes in the circumstances.

We are moving! As of June 1st we have a plan to rent our house to dear friends and we will rent in Richmond.

And I'm inspired to create celebrations, to make small moments happy moments, to move us forward with small movements. So, I add to my gratitude list:

636) Taking the children for ice cream cones- the first EVER!
637) Going swimming- just for fun, even though there is work to do.
638) Hydrangeas in bloom (in the living room)
639) The aha! moment when someone sees healthy living in a new way
640) Warm date muffins as Sunday breakfast
641) Homemade bug spray
642) Cries of joy and sadness as we tell friends our new plans
643) Heart swelling as I talk "farm talk" with my cousin
644) Anticipation of FL friends' visit
645) R and L dancing, enjoying

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Anne said...

Well I consider this news to be Richmond's gain! Can't wait to welcome you here. Please let me know when you get to town. xoxo