Monday, June 13, 2011

"For the Good"

"You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand." (Jesus in John 13:7)

"In a thousand trials, it is not just five hundred of them that work "for the good" of the believer, but nine hundred and ninety-nine, plus one." (George Mueller)

It seems that we pass from "hard season" to "hard season" and I remember singing the words with Amy Grant when I was a teenager: "life is hard and it might not get easier. . . "

Though we have a date to be out of our house (July 1), we don't know yet where we will live in Richmond. All of those moving details are pressing in on me and I'm thinking about squeezing in last doctor and dental visits and last trips to my favorite local places. The kids are helping me pack boxes and I'm still culling possessions and trying to minimize our belongings. Today I sorted school books and wondered where I would be unpacking them and when and what the new school year will look like for our family. We will be together again- as a family- and for that, I'm grateful. (#646)

All of this is for our good; what a timely reminder for me when it all feels like more than I can bear. My heart is heavy with grief over leaving friends, leaving the things that have grown familiar and comfortable and easy to me. Here, I have friends loaning me school books and books on tape (#647). I know who to call when I need a babysitter or someone to keep children for an hour or two (#648). We have a church family (#649) and I have a great team of health-conscious moms on a mission with me (#650). We love the mountains, rising in the blue mist (#651) and the shady trails (#652) and the farmers we know who bring their great produce to the market (#653).

I confess that I'm not eager for this adventure, for starting over again and learning new things. Yet, He says that it's going to be good. I can trust His promise (#654) and one day I'll understand.

#655 Friends offering to help with the move- such generosity of spirit!
#656 "Old" friends in for a visit. . . such grace! Such fun! True refreshment for our souls.
#657 Joy of gifting our things to others
#658 M (13 months) takes 39 steps!
#659 Electricity! (Ours was out for nearly a day; so glad we have fans and refrigeration again!)
#660 Friends and babies (all boys!) visiting today. . .
#661 Warm green beans right from the garden
#662 Filtered water (electricity!)
#663 Freedom that comes with being "unplugged"- talking by candlelight and early to bed.
#664 "Fernando Ortega" station on Pandora
#665 Safety in travel all these months; safety at home all these months.
R with Nate. Good Old Friends!

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Moving is so hard! I guess you realize even more how grateful you are for where you've been. I have a few friends who live in Richmond--sounds like a nice place. Blessings on your move and thanks for sharing!