Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lynchburg Air Show

We spent most of Saturday at the Lynchburg Air Show. This was a family celebration for us, using gift money to spend a fun day together.

Highlights: The flying circus- including a wing walker in a red jumpsuit. WWII planes "catching" balloons and destroying them with their propellers. Parachutists. And the Blue Angels, of course. Amazing. We also had ice cream twice- once at the air show and vanilla with fresh strawberries when we were finally home and cleaned up and happily sitting in the shade on the front steps.

We also stood in lines for a great deal of the day, including nearly an hour to get to the air show, an hour to get inside a helicopter, an hour for hot dogs, and two hours to get on a bus to take us back to our van. Most of this was taken in good stride, though the wait to get home (when we were already hot, tired, and thirsty) was taxing on all.

R (7) today: "Mom, I think I'm going to join the Special Forces at age 11, if I keep growing at this rate."

T (3)- if you can't tell!

The Blue Angels

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