Monday, May 16, 2011

A Life of Celebration

There is a big post in my mind about celebrating. We created a celebration on Friday at the urging of a dear friend, simply because we needed it. And it is not too much to say that every day there needs to be some celebration! That's what I'm doing tonight, thinking back through the day's joys and choosing to make this a life of celebration.

606) The high ceiling of blue sky, arching overhead in the early morning
607) After-the-rain scent, hanging on the grass and dripping from the trees.
608) Eggs from a friend- "just because"
609) Amazingly delicious dinner with friends; nearly everything from their garden.
610) Crazy-generous gift of dinner out for our family. Such a morale booster! We gave thanks over and over and are still talking about it.
611) Vibrant worship with enthusiastic participation
612) Our first family communion experience; I had the sense of unseen greatness.
613) Furniture rearranged; the change is so invigorating and fun.
614) Fantastically delicious chocolate Complete shake
615) Juicy red strawberries savored
616) Strong words of a friend in a dark hour
617) Another home showing scheduled (tomorrow! yikes!)
618) Warmth of fellowship and genuine brotherly love
619) Berry art by L
620) Endless games of Mancala
621) Big kids cheering M (age 1) as he stands alone; timing him and applauding.
623) A trip to IL to look forward to
624) Walk in the rain to observe raindrops on trees
625) Baby birds in nests in our bushes.

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