Monday, May 23, 2011

A Three Year Old, Preoccupied with his New Watch

Due to a nice, long afternoon nap the three year old isn't sleepy. And it's nigh onto 11 p.m. And I am sleepy.  As soon as I opened the blog to post my gratitudes for the day, he started in:

"Mom. Guess what I'm glad with? I'm glad with my watch because I never had one before.

Do you know how to spell my name? Try to spell my name. It's T-A-T-E.

And this key... that's to go part of it off [delete]. I can push it when you're ready.

Mom. The one that can move is pointing to the one.

I have a watch on. But you don't have your watch on. But I have my watch on so I know what time it is.

The short hand is pointing to the one. What does one and one make? One and one makes two.

I'm telling you what time it is.

Mom. You know how to spell my name. It's easy. Try! Would you like to spell my name/ Do you know how to? Do you want to try?

Okay, so try it on the bottom. Do T-A-T-E.

Where is it? Where is T-A-T-E? There it is! That's my name! It's easy for you.

Dad's name is D-A-D-E.  No, it's D-A-D-M. 'Cause Dad told me there's an "m" in his name.

And this is my favorite color. And white is my favorite color, too. And black. The numbers on my watch are black.

Mine is not the same as yours. But mine is a circle and yours is, too. But mine has Mickey Mouse and yours doesn't.

Mom. She thought I would like this. Grandma Curtis, she found this on a yard sale. She thought I would like this and she was right!

Mom. That hand is pointing to the three. Look! I can make it move!

Where's my name? There it is. It's really easy for you. It's easy for me, too! I'll try to do it.

Mom. My watch has something that moves. And you wear watches. You wear watches; this one is different than yours. . .

There are two lines that are turning. That one can't move anymore, "cause it's tired... but I'm not ready to go to sleep yet..."

And here is where I must end, else he continue for hours more. *smile* I do think that three year olds say the best things. And now. . . he is asleep! Seriously- just one minute after I enforced absolute silence... he is sleeping beside me.

626) Three year old enthusiasm
627) Garage sale finds
628) Impromptu gift in the mail- such a delight!
629) No charge at the pediatrician for the question about a child other than the child who was scheduled
630) Fresh strawberry popsicles (why is there always FOOD on my lists?!)
631) New baby! Congrats to cousin Jeff and wife Rebecca!
632) Anticipation of an IL trip this summer.
633) Final lessons in school books; culmination of consistent effort over time.
634) Phone call with a friend, when in a few moments I am brought to tears at the truth spoken over me.
635) Child in bed next to me; miracle of watching him sleep.

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Carol said...

I love TATE (and all of your kids). I am brought to tears... I need to document conversations like this for B.
Love you friend!