Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Real Gifts

For the past several days I've been mulling over our "real estate reality." We did decide to list with Agent 3#. Not only did her enthusiasm and confidence inspire us, but we agreed on a listing price. Just the decision to list with her caused hope to spring up again. That very day she sent someone to take photos and put a sign in the yard. I've cleaned out a few more bins from the basement, stained the office floor, and purchased paint for our bedroom- all with the thought that a sale will be forthcoming.

The financial reality has also been rolling over and over in my mind. First, the disappointment of our not-so-lucrative investment. Then, the question of what we'll be able to afford in Richmond (a double-wide?). Mix in a twinge of frustration at our remaining debt and a feeling of helplessness at changing the situation. . . and things look ugly.

But, oh grace! For He has changed my perspective and allowed me JOY in this.

For I realized that the down payment we had for this house was a GIFT. Our FL house was a great investment- but not because we were smart and chose great real estate and not because we deserved to make money on our home there. No, it was "the market." We just happened to buy at the right time and to sell just before things drastically dropped in value. (We didn't set out to do this but the timing aligned with our needs.) In other words, our buying and selling was orchestrated so that we had a nice down payment for this house in Lynchburg; God did this for us. It was His gift.

And now we're selling again and "the market" isn't good at all. Once again, we're making a move based on faith, with the timing determined by the open doors and not by the value of our property. And once again, whatever we have in our pocket is simply a gift. It isn't because we are smart, savvy, or deserving. If we have much it is only because He has given much. If we have a little, it is because He has chosen to give us a little. Either way, it's more than I deserve. . .

Because it's just gift. Gifts are given with good intentions. They are large and small. My good God gives perfect gifts at perfect times because He is all love and He only gives good things. A meager down payment sounds awful to me, but He says it's (what He's given us is) GOOD. The money is His anyway, and He has enough and more. Surely if we needed more He would provide it.

*Sigh* I wish I could still put my thoughts down in coherent ways. This thought was SO good in my head and yet . . .  weak when I try to put it into a post. The transformation in my heart was complete and comforting, however, when I really started to cling to this. THIS, what I'm living today, is His gift.

I give thanks!

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Staci said...

And if He seems to give nothing, it is still His provision. Because in the nothingness He seems to give, He is prodding us to depend on Him. I don't know about you, but it is in those times of life - the times where He seems to be giving nothing - that I struggle to embrace that the nothing is STILL provision. And it's in the struggle that He reminds me that, as I'm thinking He's giving nothing, He has actually given me everything who's name is Jesus.

Striving toward the goal with you,