Monday, February 7, 2011

My Great Life

I feel conspicuously absent from the blog, noting that I seem to only post on Mondays anymore. It just isn't fun to write about what everyone asks (no, no interest in the house. yes, still living apart), and there hasn't been time for much else (what with traveling, M's ear infections, and the crush of life). Would that I were an interesting blogger with all kinds of fun, challenging, interesting things for you to read! Ah, but that wouldn't be true of my life right now. . . my GREAT life.

Yes, I have a great life. I'm saying it more and more these days. Saying it is a way of claiming it and affirming it and making it so. Because, of course it IS. I mean, I'm ALIVE! (#427) And this is the year to grow in JOY. So, I'm focusing on the great things in my life. Thinking on them magnifies them in my mind. What an amazing thing our minds are (#428)!

Some great things about my life:
#429 My husband still says I'm beautiful and he looks at me that way
#430 I can snuggle boys in bed when my man is gone
#431 The baby (9mo) is astounding in his achievements. Just this week he started pulling up on things, pointing, and waving "bye" consistently
#432 Surprise gift card on the windshield (= groceries!)
#433 Thoughtful mother sending gifts
#434 Friends who come over to visit
#435 JuicePlus+ friends who challenge and inspire me
#436 Having things on hand to fight off illness (love that the runny noses were only for a day)
#437 Rare quiet moments to sit by the heater with my Bible
#438 Freezer of venison, generously given and brought to VA from IL
#439 Soft sheets and warm quilt to tuck into
#440 Excitement of sharing health with others and seeing the good changes taking place
#441 Kids coloring and listening (and talking!) as I read aloud
#442 ... always begging for "one more chapter?!"
#443 Conversation while washing dinner dishes
#444 Baby smiles at siblings; such an innate love!
#445 The great feeling of exercising. It feels so good to do push ups and pull ups and to get sweaty
#446 HOPE - not in being reunited or the house selling or people staying healthy... but a hope that does not disappoint; the hope of glory

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Carol said...

I almost stopped by today to see you. Praying for you friend! Much love to you all this week!