Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Speaking the Same Language

I don't even remember the words of the conversation now, and it happened just two days ago. I was trying to get M (9 mo) ready for bed and help T (3) in and out of the bath. The water was running, M was crawling away, and L (5) was leaning over my shoulder.  I was trying in vain to communicate with T.

I said what I said (that I don't remember).
T: What?
I said what I said again.
T: What?
I said what I said a third time.
T: What?
Me: What part of what I'm saying don't you understand?
T: Any of it!
Me: Really?
L: She's speaking English, T. You speak English. You are speaking the same.
T: What?

Um. Yep. But that wasn't helping us at all.

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