Sunday, February 6, 2011

February and Immunity

It's February now, and we have deceivingly warm days followed by chilling damp. Just when everyone seems healthy, I note a different tone in our daughter's voice, the baby's nose starts to run, and the three year old cries out uncomfortably in the night.

Cold temperatures alone are not what make people sick this time of year. Our immune systems are also impaired by being sedentary, spending time indoors with other sick people, and having limited exposure to sunlight. Researchers know that the majority of immune function (near 80%) takes place in the gut. This is why what we eat and drink is so critically important. There is a recent study that is garnering worldwide media attention on how Juice Plus+® reduces severe cold symptoms. We take extra JuicePlus+ when we feel illness approaching. I also add powerful spices such as garlic, turmeric, and cumin to our foods. We diffuse Thieves throughout the house and use R.C. while we sleep. I keep Colloidal Silver handy, as well.

Still, there may be weary days ahead as we move through the bleak mid-winter and into the blustery spring. . .

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