Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life Around Here

L (5) often has M (9 mo) on her hip.

L (5) and T (3) have play-doh as an activity during school one morning/week.

I felt like a "good mom" the day we made these fun Valentine cards. What a fun idea from

O (9) really loved the project and made several. This is his full-size paper Valentine.

Who does these things?! We are overwhelmed by gifts we do not deserve. This was on our van today; completely amazing gift. At the beginning of the week I was crying out to God that we were hungry and our children needed clothes. (The grocery allowance didn't go very far when we were out of many staples. L's three pairs of pants all have irreparable holes, and M was lacking long sleeves.) HE said he will not let us go hungry and surely He knows how to clothe us. THIS. Oh, THIS gift! And yesterday, a package from my mom arrived- with clothes (a vest for me!) and food (maple syrup!). And Friday, a friend brought us pizza. He heard; He answered. Oh, what a faith investment! Surely He hears our groans over our house and He is working it out perfectly, for our good and His glory.

When O (9) is watching M (9 mo), yet wants to read instead, I hear music and find THIS.

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