Monday, January 31, 2011

Make Me a Perfume

"Teach me to laud, adore, and magnify Thee,
     with the music of heaven,
And make me a perfume of praiseful gratitude to Thee."
(Valley of Vision)

I am savoring Ann Voskamp's book, trying to read each page slowly enough to allow it to sink into my cells, making an effort to slow down my hungry heart that wants to gulp down the words in full swallows. And I'm exhorted toward gratitude; it's all around me. How I long to be a perfume of praiseful gratitude unto the Lord!

Last night I returned from a JuicePlus+ bootcamp weekend in Georgia that was wonderful. One image that is seared in my mind is that of the iceburg: the 90% below the surface is what sinks ships. The 10% above is like our skills and performance. The 90% below is character. I'm needing to spend myself on character development this year. It's time to replace unhealthy thinking with pure praise. I want to grow a heart of gratitude this year.

And so, the list continues:
#411 Safe travels
#412 Fun, uplifting conversation; learning a new friend
#413 Food! Food I didn't choose, purchase, cut up, or prepare. Yummy food.
#414 Unbidden tears that come when embraced with acceptance
#415 "Where did you come from?" (T, 3 this morning)
#416 R: "you should have told me what we were having for dinner!" (rice!)
#417 Slow, lingering kisses
#418 Spirit signs in words just right, pointing and confirming the Way
#419 A new month's budget; it's like hope springs up again and needs are met!
#420 Wearing a t-shirt in the Georgia sun, enjoying a few minutes outdoors on our way home
#421 Surprise! Finding several friends at the library this morning
#422 Black ink rolling from my "good" pink pen
#423 Baby laughs (big boys snapping his pant waist)
#424 Open mouth baby kisses (with teeth!)
#425 Piano songs drifting upstairs (when I'm with M and they are supposed to be cleaning up)
#426 Cold hands, in from playing

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Asharooski's Ramblings said...

Callie! We need to get together to discuss smoothies!
I have a new love for them... have been making them daily. I need tips on how to make them even healthier. Care to help?