Monday, February 21, 2011

Always Provision

We are reading George Muller's biography by Janet and Geoff Benge. I am loving it! Not only does it thrill my heart to read how children were fed and clothed "through prayer alone," but it is delightful to watch my boys as I read to them. The suspense of the situation is oftentimes riveting: No food and hundreds of orphans sitting down to empty bowls and plates at breakfast. A broken furnace in an orphan house in winter. A fog bank delaying a ship at sea.

And here is my AND YET. In each of these circumstances George Muller prayed. God answered each time. Sometimes when George was yet praying. Sometimes days later. And I am stirred by this faith and my boys' faces light up with delight as I read how the Lord provided.

And aren't we walking our own story of provision? For we have been hungry and received food. And we have had houses sell quickly and we have this house still on the market after seven months. Do we have faith to see that everything is His provision, His perfect will for us? Praise befits Him.

Praise I choose. For in each of these moments I see God's glorious provision in my life:
466. A hike in the February sunshine
467. Boy in the Ergo laying his head on my back as I walk.
468. T, watching an airplane exclaims: "Look! It's like two butter knives!" (the wings)
469. Tall boy (O) doing pull-ups in the basement
470. Family knelt in prayer
471. Girl in the turquoise vest, waiting indecisively at the crossroad (hooray! She wasn't lost!)
472. Quiet in bed with The Lawyer as the sky blues in the morning- a holiday!
473. HOPE in conversations expected, looked-forward-to (I'm not forgotten)

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