Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Fare

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. This was our dinner tonight- true winter fare. I used the crock pot for a venison roast (#455 thanks for the gift, Andrew!) and added rutabaga, parsnips (which no one seemed to like roasted), carrots, and potato. Then, I sauteed red cabbage with some Bragg's (liquid aminos). When I looked down at my plate, I was startled by the color and beauty- even if I can't take a decent foodie photo. The BEST part was that everyone loved it- and I have the photos of the empty bowls to prove it. 
Winter Stew- Venison, Parsnips, Rutabega, Carrots, Potato... and Cabbage

His first bowl was finished before I had my first bite.

T asked to have his picture taken.

He says he doesn't like cabbage... but he eats it!

this was her second helping.
Oh, but there have been more gifts lately! And I need to continue counting (can't believe I'm nearly halfway to 1000!)
#456 "Mom! They're dancing!" L (5) exclaimed over swirling leaves in the wind.
#457 the leaves DID dance- an perfect circle of leaves round and round
#458 Bird in flight, gliding on the strong February drafts
#459 Playing at the park in February. Oh, parks! We've missed you.
#460 Black heels. Found a pair today I love- and after 75% off and $15 credit.. they were $10!
#461 Bubble bath with a book.
#462 Neighbor coming over at the last minute so I could run out by myself to pick up L.
#463 M (9 mo) waving bye-bye and saying ah-da for all done. SO great.
#464 Good quiet talks in the night with the boys; heart checks after a long day
#465 Moonlight

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