Sunday, January 9, 2011

Things are Interesting

The home showing was to an investor who decided not to invest in our property. Our house remains on the market, though we may take it off if we need to refinance. Yes, we've thought about renting (the question everyone seems to ask), but selling the house would be best.

The Lawyer had to give back the loaned Pathfinder he's been borrowing. He will drive our van to Richmond for the week. The kids and I will be at home, hopefully not needing to go anywhere. We need some solutions to our problems: where should The Lawyer live? What should he drive? How do we pay for this?

M is still fussy and his ears seem still to be bothering him. I've tried garlic on the feet and another special blend of oils for his ears. If the infection remains, we will need to see an ENT (but not this week!). He is still sleeping fitfully, and so my nights have been challenging. (Well, days are challenging, too because it's hard to get anything done while holding a busy, fussy baby. And I don't mean that I'm trying to accomplish a lot- just breakfast, lunch, and dinner is enough!)

So, as my husband leaves again, I'm up against my own loneliness and sense that the week stretches out long and dark before me. Oh, Lord, light up this darkness with Your Light!

We sang in church today that "Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, Our Strong Deliverer." Those were words for my soul.

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