Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just an Explanation

It's nearly 10 p.m. The biggest boys are only now quiet; we went to the library today and they were practically giddy, greedily reading new library books in bed. M has been asleep for over 2 hours now- the longest stretch of sleep we have had since Monday. T isn't coughing and L is snugly asleep in her room.

Several weeks ago I took M in and found out he had an ear infection. We did a round of amoxicillian. After that, things seemed fine for awhile. Then, not fine again; it didn't appear that the infection was completely gone, so the doctor recommended five days of a sulfa drug. We finished that last week. Took him back in on Wednesday this week after a painful Tuesday night (M cried every 15 minutes or so). Ears look worse. Now we are on the third antibiotic. My dresser holds ferrum phos, lavender, Thieves, ear drops, cotton, and RC oil- my natural arsenal to combat the pain, infection, and cold he has. Still.

I'm not used to being at the doctor so often. Nor visiting the pharmacy. Nor being awake so much.

Plus, we had a house showing today. This is our first since... I don't know. October? And I found out about it when we were at the library; we had two hours to prepare (and eat lunch and nap kids and all that). Even if nothing comes of the showing, my confidence is in the Lord's goodness toward our family.

I'd like to post some things I've learned about elimination communication. I'd like to post about saving money at the grocery store by choosing healthy foods. I have some fun pictures to post, too. Alas, I'm still just too weary! (But here are a couple anyway from our wonderful visit with my parents, sister, and niece.)
Isla (5 months) and Miles (8 months)
He even likes her feet. This kid is generally happy and easy.

Grandpa, Tate, and Livia watch the bear at Maymont. T's face is a mess from the candy canes the policement gave him (extra for sharing!).

Grandma and Isla at Maymont

Livia loved to carry Isla around.

Grandpa, Rhyle, and I in the Japanese Garden at Maymont in Richmond. So beautiful- even in winter.

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